Saturday, March 31, 2012

Visit to Taro Again 被災地支援、田郎へ


This past March 12-14, three of us from Denen Grace cooperated with the our church group's Green Ribbon Campaign volunteer work in the tsunami affected area of Tohoku.

タイヤにチェーンをまいて、さぁ出発!と、コマーシャルのようにはいかなかった…(-"-;) ものすごく苦労してチェーンをまき、ようやく出発できたそうで、記念に(?)パチリ!

Yes, there was plenty of snow in the area and not intended for normal tires. Our "EZ on-off" chains were be no means easy. After some work we managed to get them on the tires and get on our way. Lesson learned about "spring in Tohoku."

Taro area temporary housing areas.


Thirteen of us worked together to offer the residents a "Mobile Cafe." This was a chance for them to get out of their small living quarters, mingle, talk about their experiences and challenges, and get a great cup of coffee or tea.


Thank for praying for us. Let's keep praying for Tohoku and ask God to bring emotional and spiritual healing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goodbye Didim! ディディムさん

(Scroll down for English)


We'll miss  you, Didim. You were a part of our church for four years during your days at Tokyo Christian University, building some great friendships with our young people. You stayed in Japan after graduation and worked here in Japan for two more years at Raymond Academy. Now after six years you are headed back home to India. We don't want you to. But we know God has great things for you. He will use your hard-working attitude, faithfulness and positive attitude to influence many people for his Kingdom. We'll miss you, Didim! Don't forget: we're your church community here in Japan if you want to come back again.