Gospel Music

川崎市高津区にあるゴスペルクワイヤ 「Voices of Grace」で、
大人気のゴスペルをご一緒に歌いませんか? [English below]




Want to sing gospel music right here in Kawasaki, Mizonokuchi? Our “Voices of Grace” choir needs your voice, too!

Our popular Gospel workshop at Denen Grace Chapel brings people from throughout the Kawasaki and Yokohama area. Birthed in America, gospel music has become a boom music genre throughout the world. Why don’t you give it a try, too? Gospel is based on the Bible’s powerful good news (gospel means good news). We’ll gently lead you to sing this gospel in an enjoyable and meaningful way. Here’s a great opportunity for everyone that loves to sing. We welcome beginners!

Our workshop includes a preliminary orientation, vocalization and breathing techniques, pronunciation practice, part and combined practice. The gospel workshop schedule is divided into two semesters. A spring semester runs from early March to June. A fall semester runs from September to December. You may join at any time. At the end of each semester we hold a concert/recital to which you can invite family and friends.

Please see our Gospel homepage for complete information on schedule, cost, teacher bio, video, sample songs, and more.